Welcome to Ivinson Memorial Hospital

Our Journey to Continuous Improvement

As we turn the calendar to 2018, we can all look back upon 2017 with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Although we knew from the start it would be a challenging year, the Ivinson family not only met the challenges head-on, but we also excelled. Here's a brief recap:
Ivinson Under Construction:
The completion of our new Medical Offices at Ivinson allows all our providers to be housed under one roof and gives our visiting providers modern office spaces and more room. While under construction, we created a new east outpatient entrance, new admitting area, and covered parking for our patients. While we were at it, we remodeled our ultrasound and mammography suite to create a more relaxing and inviting space for our patients. Our Cancer Center got a new reception area, a new infusion room, and we improved the oncologist exam flow to give our patients more privacy.

A number of new providers joined the medical staff at IMH including:

William Rose, M.D. - Anesthesiology
Eric Harris, M.D. - Orthopedic Surgery (Spine)
Paul Johnson, M.D., ENT
Zach Bjore, PA - Emergency Medicine
Emma Bjore, M.D. Geriatric Medicine
Katy Hartman, M.D. - Family Medicine (Works at Albany Community Health Clinic)
Jason Sondgeroth, PA - Emergency Medicine
Rebecca Carron, FNP - Dermatology
Cara Harshberger - Clinical Pharmacist

Ken Barrick, M.D. joined the Senior Leadership Team as IMH's Chief Medical Officer. He will give our providers more voice in the operation of the hospital.

We invested in new technologies which will enable IMH to offer our patients the latest diagnostic and surgical tools. These include the following:
     *A robot called the 'da Vinci Surgical System.' This robotic technology is designed to be used in complex, minimally invasive surgeries requiring smaller incisions. Surgeons have a 3D, high-definition view of the inside of the patient's body and the instruments have the ability to rotate at a far greater degree than the human hand. The 'da Vinci robot system' can perform surgeries in the following areas: urology, gynecology, and general surgery.
     *A revolutionary new screening and diagnostic 3D mammography tool that allows our radiologists to examine tissue by layers and can detect cancers up to 15 months earlier.
     *A new 64-Slice CT Scanner which creates cross-sectional high-resolution images which can show a combination of soft tissue, bones, and blood vessels in a single image. It can be used to diagnose everything from cysts and tumors to blood diseases, blood clots, hemorrhages and infections. This technology can also perform screenings for early detection of lung cancer and virtual colonoscopies for the non-invasive detection of pre-cancerous polyps and colon cancer.

We also kept our eye on the business side of the hospital and as a result of a decision made together with the community, the County Commissioners, and the Board of Trustees, we transitioned the operation of the hospital to a nonprofit 501c3 organization. This will allow the hospital to better financially sustain itself in the changing healthcare environment.

How can we top all that? Well, just wait. In 2018, we will be exploring the option of remodeling the 3rd floor of the hospital, as well as upgrading older sections of the hospital. We're also exploring other service lines similar to the new Surgical Services Executive Committee.
As we continue our journey down the path of continuous improvement, I want to thank the citizens of Albany County and surrounding area for choosing Ivinson Memorial Hospital for all your healthcare needs. We know you have a choice and our goal is to continually improve the quality of care we provide. We are committed to earning your trust.

Thank you for your continued support of Ivinson Memorial Hospital. We look forward to serving you in 2018.

Doug Faus
President & CEO
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